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St. Paul's Students Honor Veterans for Memorial Day 2023

St. Paul's Fifth Grade class of students honored military veterans by placing flags on graves in the St. Paul's cemetery. Thirty students, their teachers, and the principal met with Fred Rahm and Harold Grieshaber of American Legion Post 356. Fred and Harold chair the Flag Detail for post 356 and maintain flag placement and care for six cemeteries in the area. They also procure the 290 American Flags seen along the City of Muskego roadways.

Students help to verify the veteran's name and dates on the memorial, clear the area around each grave, remove old flags, and straighten the flag holder. Then they stood and thanked the veteran by name for his or her service before placing a new flag in the holder. Prior to the activity, the students learned the following details.

The Cemetery Flag Placement

Memorial Day is a day we honor all armed service people past and present. In that remembrance, the Muskego American Legion Post 356 places more than 468 flags on veteran's graves each Memorial Day. Flags on graves are a sign of respect and honor for the veteran's service and a show of support for their families. It is a reminder that the servicemember served and sacrificed to preserve our freedom. 

The American Legion thanks these students and teachers for helping to honor the veterans who lay in rest at St. Paul's cemetery. Should any one like more information on the American Legion Post 356 or be interested in sponsoring a flag for the American Flag Project, please contact:

Fred Rahm, American Legion Post 356 Sergeant at Arms, Flag  Detail, 414-828-3733
Harold Grieshaber, American Legion Post 356, Flag Detail, 414-915-2102

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